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Theatre performances are different from that of films. Theatres existed long before the invention of films. Though films are more technologically advanced, many people still prefer theatres. Here are some reasons for it.

It’s immediate

It takes years to produce a film. People keep on anticipating the release of the film, and by the time it is released, many people lose interest in it. Theatre can provide a quick response to a recent event. For example, if you want to express your opinion about a current political event through art, then having a play in theatre can be done within a few days or months.

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But if you have to make a movie out of it, then it will be years, and many people may have forgotten the particular incident. People see the theatre performances right in front of their eyes. They can appreciate the acting ability of the performers better this way as they perform without editing or retakes like in films.

Get a shared experience

You watch a play in the theatre along with a hall full of audiences. They cheer and display various emotions as the performer’s act or perform. It’s a unique experience. You can connect better with the actors and the audience. It gives you a more immersive experience.

Powerful storytelling

The story is more compelling when told in theatre rather than in the film. You can see real people expressing their emotions and trying to connect with the audience. Theatre gives a chance to tell the story most authentically and attractively.

Apart from these advantages, if you are lucky, you can meet the performers backstage. Many celebrities still prefer going to theatres, and you might end up meeting them at the theatre.