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Opera and theatre productions are very interesting. So many works go behind creating a play or show that many people are interested to know what goes on behind the curtain or backstage.

Over the years, many actors, directors, or scriptwriters who have worked in opera or theatre have shared their experience and knowledge by writing books. Here are some of the books we recommend about opera, orchestra, and theatre.

Storytelling in Opera and Musical Theater

By – Nina Penner

Here you will know about the roles of character narrators. You will understand how music plays an important role in opera by evoking feelings of sympathy. You will know the challenges the singers and directors face before staging the show. The writer has shared her thoughts on how to attract audiences to opera and musical theatre.

In Character: Opera Portraiture

By – John F Martin

This is a very colourful boo where you will see pictures of opera performers. The author took these pictures just before the actors went to the stage with full makeup before the actual performance. So, you will see pictures of chorus members, opera stars, and others.

You will see them in the character they are playing, like heroes, villains, or common folk. You will also see them dressed up in biblical figures and other characters. You will get a glimpse of the ‘behind-the-scenes activities.

Fashion Designers at the Opera

By – Helena Matheopoulos

Fashion and opera are interconnected. People who go to watch opera performances love not only the acting of the performers but also their costumes. You will know about the fashion designers at the opera and how hard they work to make suitable costumes according to the character and situation. The book contains several illustrations of costumes.

The Stage Works

By – Philip Glass

In this book, you will see the author’s works over the years. You will see his perspectives on staging and other theatrical components. You will know how multimedia is used in theatre performances.


By – W Piston

This book will teach you orchestration. You will read an analysis of orchestration, the instrumentation of melodies, chords, and techniques. You will learn about the common problems of orchestration and their solutions.

These books are written by experts in theatre, opera, and orchestration. You will learn many things from them and get the inspiration to work in these fields of art.