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It takes a lot of effort to put up a play or production on stage. You need to write a good script, design the set, pick the actors, rehearse, and finally set a date for the performance. People will not come automatically to watch your show unless it’s a popular one or you have a celebrity acting in the show. So, you need to advertise it.

If you have opened a new theatre in the city or if you are looking for a new actor for your next production, then also you need to advertise. As our blog is about theatres and operas, it can be a good platform for advertisement. We offer different advertising options.

Direct ads

You will get on our site where you can place your ad. You can choose the duration of the ad to be for a week or month, and the price of the advertising will depend on it. The ad will be displayed in the form of a banner.

Pay-per-click ads

This is also a banner ad, but the payment method is different. Instead of paying us a fixed amount every week or month, you will only pay us when a visitor clicks on the ad.


You can create a banner ad, and every time the ad is displayed on our blog, you pay. You don’t have to pay a fixed amount and that way you can control your advertising budget.


We can write good reviews about your theatre or production so that the readers get motivated to learn about it. They will feel compelled to watch your production or visit your theatre.

Newsletter ads

We send a monthly newsletter to our readers. You can place your ad there so that our readers can notice them. You can provide special offers to entice the readers to watch the theatre performance.

Social media ad

You should create an ad for your latest production on social media. We are active on social media and our readers always look for the news of upcoming productions, the opening of new theatres, or acting opportunities in theatres.

You can arrange a meeting with our advertising team to decide what type of advertisement will be good for you. You can discuss the rates too. For more information, you can contact us.

Other types of ads include reviews, contextual ads, text link ads, and pay-per-action ads. However, the ones above are the most common and typically the most lucrative.